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What is a backlink?

What is a back link?
     A back link is a link on someone else’s site that leads to your own site (or blog). Backlinks are known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links. Backlinks are originally very important in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)for ranking your page on search engines. That means the process of improving the visibility of your website or web page in search engines via naturally or un-paid way. Simply, As soon as someone else in the world enters the key words that related to your own key words or web content, the person can see your site domain easily without any effort. 
     In ranking your web page on search engines, The number and the quality of the backlinks are one indication of the popularity or importance of your website or page (for example, this method is used by Google to determine the PageRank (PR) of a webpage). If lots of other sites provide a link to yours, a natural increase in traffic to your web pages occurs gradually. According to this article, you will understand how important the backlinks are. If you have much more backlinks to your site, advertisers will invest and publish their ads on your site. It is helpful to you to get extra income. 
     The backlinks of a webpage may be a measurement of significant personal, cultural or semantic interest: they indicate who is paying attention to that page. A web page that owns few backlinks itself is not going to have a lot of traffic. 
Where to submit your sites first, before getting backlinks from other sites? 
     To get the traffic to your site, the search engines must find it easily first. To find it for search engines, you have to put it in a good place that can be easily read. For professional search engines this work is not a complicated process that you believe. It's only a matter of creating a site, generally optimizing it with the keywords you want your visitors to find you with and submitting your website to site directories, search engines and other website connecting indexes and systems. Therefore, you need to link your site to the right sites. All link services are not equal in quality. 
     Google is a professional search engine used by the people in the worldwide. If you just want to submit your site URL into the Google, simply add your site here 
     Although you entered your site and keywords into Google, it doesn't take your words for how great your site is. Google checks its relevancy comparing with other sites, gauging the natural link growth of a site to avoid spam-index elevations, its popularity with other quality sites, and other important factors before giving its Page Rank (PR) to a sit. 
     Not only Google but also other search engines and directories like Yahoo, Bing, DMOZ, etc, are still accept direct free website submission:
     There are many paid directories including the above. Most of the paid inclusion directories will show diminishing results. Search engine Yahoo, for instance, charges a lot for a site to be submitted to its directory. Even then, they do not guarantee the listing in the directory. They only list your site if they like it. The their general criteria for liking is somewhat unclear. 
     While there are many paid submit site services, there are also excellent free directory submission places, free backlink builder resources, submit url free sites and other similar services. Let’s find out what they are later.  


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