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Powerful Ping Device

Ping Device

What is a Ping?

     Ping is a fundamental program that allows a computer to send a request to another specific computer somewhere else over the network or the Internet in order to verify if the computer exists and is responding. That means Ping was created to verify whether a specific computer on a network or the Internet exists and is connected.  A ping sends a series of packets of data to a specific address and waits for a correctly named "pong" response. 
    The word "ping" is actually an acronym for "Packet Internet (or Inter-Network) Groper", purposely contrived to play on the fact that pinging with a computer is similar to what submariners do with sonar. That means the “ping” name developed though the sound that submarine sonar makes when it bounces off physical objects. The ping bounces off the target and then returns to let you know the target is there. The word “ping” is in noun and verb.

      Ping will help you determine if your network connection is completely failed, or if you are only isolated from specific networks. For instance, if you are suddenly unable to browse web pages, you may have been disconnected from the Internet but still be connected to your local network. You can make this determination by pinging the appropriate local or remote addresses.

    You should ping popular web sites that are known to be stable there. For example: Google or, Yahoo. These sites have a high level of certainty in their networks and are most likely to respond.  
      Here is the simplest and most powerful pinging tool on the internet !  


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