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Showing posts with label 003. Free Links From Blogs. Show all posts

Free Links from Blogs

Links from Blog Comments

     You can make backlinks by leaving interesting and useful blog comments on the other’s blog sites. Through those comments, you can bring another excellent traffic to your site and improve your search engine rank. When you put a comment on a blog site, it is important to leave the URL of your site. Most blogs will instruct users to leave the URL of their site on the comment (leaving a link back to your site).  However, there is a way to do it to get the maximum effect. The common thing you see some people do is they look for for just any blog and start spamming them. It doesn’t work that way because most of the bloggers now have an anti spam plugin installed on their blogs so, any spamming just gets deleted from the blog and then the link inserted is flagged as a spam link and sent to Google or any other spam authority. This kind of childish tactics can hurt your rankings and destroy your website’s credibility.  
      You can build one-way links by using a blog to your site very easily and fast. If you have an ability to write interesting articles, other bloggers without even thinking twice, will link back to you in articles they write on their own blogs.
       As soon as you publish a blog, you should submit your blog posts to the large blogs and feed directories. At there, your blog software ping other feed sites. At you can find a free list of 45 directories to add to your Blog, so you can ping them automatically every time you update your blog. If your blogging software doesn't have the ability to automatically ping, go to click the link below and submit your blog manually. Here is the pinging software that you need.   
In this link you can get more about  the following software. click here.


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