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Showing posts with label 005. 70 High PR Backlinks for Free. Show all posts
Showing posts with label 005. 70 High PR Backlinks for Free. Show all posts

70 High PR backlinks for free

70 Free High PR Backlinks

     This site gives the opportunity to submit a bulk list of your domains. So you can submit 1 or more domains into this site. Here you have to type like this in the dialog box in this way. key word one/ its keyword 2/ its key word 3
     When it runs it will give you 70 free backlinks for each domain. After the link is submitted it will also be pinged, so Google will notice your new backlinks.
     It automatically creates new backlinks from statistics sites, which are crawled by Google frequently. Now you can go to the site in the following link. It will take few minutes to build links.
This is basically a service that helps you get your site/domain indexed quickly. 


(But a friendly request) We would like to advise you that you’d better come to this page and stimulate your backlinks building of your sites at least once a week. It will help you to bring a big traffic to your site. So you must remember the page index number given in the bellow for your future convenience. (It will show which generator you used.) 
Generator No: 005
Thank you.
Logistic coordinator of the Backlinks Providing Association (IBPA). 
We will be with you as long as you are with us.



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