You are welcome to our site.......... Faithful thanks for the visitors of our site............ Now we have become a PR - 03 google recommended site in a short period. (since the day 15.07.2011) (PR recommend on 26.12.2011)

How to increase Google PageRank of a site - free. provides a unique and fair technique for webmasters and website owners to increase page rank and link popularity of their websites, and uses the latest link building methods with SEO to increase page rank of the websites.   

Unlike other similar link building services, we never put your links on link farms or use any mass link building campaigns that merely aim to increasing the number of back links without caring about the quality and the relevancy of the link, which is considered by some search engines like Google link spamming, which in fact might do more harm than good. Our page rank increase service will also increase your link popularity, the bigger the PR that your order the more your link popularity will grow.

Our page rank increase services are suitable for online businesses alike and are flexible for your requirements, if your website has a current PR, and you would like to get its PR and link popularity increased, please do contact us with the details and one of our customer care officer will get back to you soon. One of the popular questions we get asked frequently is whether the Google Page rank increase of my site would increase my ranking on Google as well. And the answer is absolutely yeas. Before we start buildings links for your website, we will research your potential target keywords and after agreeing with the client on those keywords, we start the link building process with these keywords.

In Our PR increase service, we increase Page rank of your website using natural link building method. That means we never place your links in any link farms, or use any mass linking methods that offer you hundreds of backlinks within few days. Most professional webmasters reasonably consider it is not directly helpful for PR increase. Therefore we never do it. We gradually build your links and place them on quality related sites, which not only will increase your PR, but will bring you more related traffic, and help you with your offsite optimization.

In this article, you can understand the method that we use to increase Google page rank of websites.

Get Google PR of your website increased free of charge.
The team of is ready to increase Google page rank of your site for free. In this programme, what you should do is to put the following two banners on the front page of your website for one year time (continuously for 365 days). Our automatic software daily check your site whether the banner is there. At the end of year, Google page rank will reach to your website or blog site unbelievably. According to your backlink strength and SEO of your site, Page Rank will increase up to PR 1 or PR 2.

Rules and regulations
  • In your website, total page views must be exceeded the limit of 10000.
  • The average of daily unique visitors must be exceeded the limit of 20.
  • The Alexa rank of your site must be less than the limit 2,500,000.
  • Keep the banners on the front page of your site.
  • Don’t change the Html of it at all without our permission.
  • Before you put them on your site, you should keep in mind to inform us whether the banners are suitable for your site.
  • As soon as you place the banners on your front page of the website, please inform us to get the initial date and banner cord. (The banner cord and date will be sent you by email.)
  • Through the banners, Visitors from your site to our site must be exceeded the limit of 3000 within 9 months.
  • Please keep in mind, final decision completely depends on us and above rules and regulations will be updated once a month. 

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